Ridgeside Falconry Display

The falconry displays in the main arena, which we are sure will capture your attention.

At these demonstrations you will see falcons flying to the swung lure, kestrels displaying a different style of hunting, which is to hover and the broadwings (that's buzzards, eagles, kites and vultures) flying low from posts and trees gliding down to the glove for food. We are however told that on a good day and with the right conditions they may be able to get some height and show off a bit by soaring. Make sure to have your camera with you as there will be some superb photo opportunities.

One of the largest falconry displays in the country and a static display of approximately 15-20 different birds of prey from all around the world, including Owls, Hawks, Eagles and Vultures.

Between the flying demonstrations, visitors will have a chance to visit the stand to learn more about these magnificent birds of prey. There will also be an opportunity to be photographed with one of these magnificent birds and the highly skilled team who have a wealth of knowledge will be on hand to share their extensive knowledge of falconry.

The Little Nippers Lurcher and Terrier Display

Phill Gibbons and his team from Ridgeside invite you to see their fantastic lurchers and terriers do what comes naturally to them.

In the arena they race at full speed chasing the electric lure. They can’t wait to bring real mayhem to the Strutt your Mutt main arena with Little Nippers Racing, it’s a fast action -packed demonstration with an informative and humorous commentary by Phill.

You will also be invited to "have a go" with your own dogs - whatever their breed!

We are told that not only is great fun for the dogs – audiences love it too!

Sheep Herding with David Seamark

David is a sheep and arable farmer running a flock of 600 breeding ewes. His display is with sheep and geese and up to five dogs.

The demonstration portrays the skill and commitment of a working sheepdog doing its daily work and shows the different characters and abilities of the dogs. David will present two entertaining shows inviting children into the arena to assist with the performance.

Lowestoft Dog Agility Display Team

Strutt Your Mutt welcomes back the Lowestoft Dog Agility Display Team, who always delights audiences with their unique style of canine agility. The team is made up of different sizes and breeds dogs and features them tearing through tunnels, weaving poles, racing over a series of jumps and performing spectacular fire jumps. A mix of superb skills, breath-taking high- speed stunts and humorous presentation provides a must see show


Lets go Mini Beast Hunting with Butterflies of Britain

Lindsey Andrews and her team will be providing Mini Beast hunting and butterfly spotting as well as all sorts of other beastie activities on the day so make sure and find their tent for some family educational fun.

The Butterflies of Britain education programme provide outreach educational sessions and experiences for children and families across Suffolk and Norfolk. Visit their website for more information or follow them on Facebook@butterflyeducation

Other attractions include

Music and Entertainment from Maria Sax and Ian Larkin providing music, laughter and fun for all

The Strutt Your Mutt Bar and take your pick from a wide variety of food stands inside our walled garden area.

Lots and lots of shopping from a wide variety of trade and charity stands. See our vendors page for more info.